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Winter 2017 course offering:

The next online Unit Commanders Course will be held from February 6 through April 3, 2017.  The online UCC is provided as an alternative for students unable to attend a two-day, 16-hour, weekend course.  The online course is offered in an asynchronous environment, allowing students to log into the course when they are able for approximately two hours each week (one session or multiple shorter sessions) or a minimum of 16 hours over the eight-week online course. 

This is not your normal sit-in-the-back type of course and requires students to be active participants in online discussions along with completing assignments which directly relate to your real-world responsibilities in their unit.  It is highly desirable that students have access to the Member Reports feature in eServices for assignments.

To register:

Send a completed and approved CAP Form 17 to Lt Col Brenda Reed at  Registration deadline is February 5.  Members outside Maryland Wing will need to have their wing commander's approval.   During the week prior to the course start date, students will receive an email invitation to the online classroom.

The course is open to all CAP senior members, although priority will be given to current unit commanders, deputy commanders, and incoming unit commanders.

First Steps Reference

Your guide to getting started with the online Unit Commanders Course, setting up your account and becoming familiar with the online classroom.

Final Report from the first online Unit Commanders Course

Includes background information, theoretical overview, course structure, and results from student evaluations.  Written by Maj Brenda Reed and Lt Col George R. Murray, Jr.

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