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Maryland Wing Color Guard and Drill Team Competition

WHAT:   The 2013 Maryland Wing Cadet Drill and Color Guard Competition.
WHEN:   February 9th, 2013
WHO:   Open to all cadet and composite squadron color guard and drill teams in the Maryland Wing
WHERE:   Our Lady of Good Counsel High School in Olney, MD and
Parkland Magnet Middle School in Rockville, MD
Project Officer:   Maj Grace Stapf
Draft Schedule:   Competition Schedule (v.2)

Purposes of the Cadet Competition 

  • To provide incentive and motivation for cadets to train and attain goals in leadership, aerospace education, physical fitness and teamwork.
  • To provide an opportunity for cadets to increase esprit de corps through excellence in training and performance.
  • To provide a public validation of the objectives of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Cadet Program.

Objectives of the Cadet Competition 

  • To provide a competitive venue in which cadets can display their training and leadership skills.
  • To recognize and reward cadets whose training and performance is determined to be the best in the CAP Cadet Program.
  • To establish clearly defined standards for performance, which can be used at all CAP levels.
  • To provide a tool for measuring the success of the Cadet Program at all levels.
  • To provide an event that can be used in publicizing the Civil Air Patrol and can be used as a recruitment tool.

Target group for the Cadet Competition 

  • All cadets in the CAP Cadet Program should be targeted at the unit level. All cadets should be challenged to train and achieve at their highest possible level.
  • All senior members who have contact with cadets should be targeted at the unit level. They should be encouraged to teach, train and assist the cadets in their endeavors to be a part of the Cadet Competition Teams.
  • All senior members in command positions above the unit level who have decision-making power in matters that affect the cadets? chances to participate in the Cadet Competition should be targeted.
  • Using publicity about the Cadet Competition Team and lower unit competitions as recruiting material should target the general publ

Results of the Cadet Competition Team 

  • Cadets who compete at any level develop pride, esprit de corps and a sense of accomplishment.
  • Cadets and senior members have the reward of knowing what the cadets' skill and abilities are when they are "put to the test" in areas required by the Cadet Competition.
  • Cadets and senior members have fun and communicate that to others, providing motivation for other members to raise their level of performance and providing a recruitment tool to attract new members.

Desired outcomes of the Cadet Competition

  • Cadets increase their training and skills in leadership, aerospace education, physical fitness and teamwork.
  • Cadets use their increased skills and knowledge to get more involved in the Cadet Program at the unit level, thus creating a stronger program.
  • Outstanding teams and cadets are recognized and rewarded for achieving the goals and objectives set before them by various higher commands.
  • High standards of training and performance are established and taught to other cadets, thus increasing the level of training throughout the program.
  • Cadets and senior members gain a sense of belonging to a large organization by interaction with other members outside of their regular area of contact.

General Competition Guidelines

  • The publications listed in CAPM 52-4 will be used as the basis of the competition. Judges from the Maryland National Guard Honor Guard will use these publications as the basis for scoring. Scores for marching events will be annotated using the National Cadet Color Guard Competition score sheets (see CAPM 52-4 ).
  • Due to facility limitations, Volleyball will not be conducted.
  • The Mile Run will be held at Our Lady of Good Counsel High School in Olney, MD.

Operations Order:  OPORD 13-12 
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