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National Cadet Special Activities Guide and Selection Boards

DO something amazing this summer!!

Attend an NCSA!


The Maryland Wing National Cadet Special Activity (NCSA) Review Board will be held on Saturday, 4 February 2012 at Maryland Wing Headquarters, with target blocks of time by group as follows:

     0800-1000: Group II
     1000-1200: Group III
     1200-1400: Group I

Cadets should bring, or have delivered to Wing by Friday 3 February, two copies of their CAP Form 31 signed by the cadets' parents and the Squadron Commander and a CAP resume.

After the Review Board, the NCSA application will be signed and returned.

If selected to attend an NCSA, the Activity Director will request copies of the CAPF 31 from the cadet. (If slotted for more than one activity, each Activity Director will require a separate copy.)

Project Officer: Maj Grace Stapf, CAP

2012 NCSAs can be found at

To apply for activities managed by CAP Cadet Programs you must be able to log into “e-Services” to access and complete the on-line Special Activities application. This means you must have a CAPID and a password. Do not wait until the last minute to establish a password and confirm that you can log into “e-Services”.

1. Locate the Special Activities Application: Go to E-Services and click the “NCSA Main Menu” link on the left hand side of the screen. As you follow the instructions for entering your request, you will also get to check (and correct if necessary) your address, contact information, and personal characteristics that National Headquarters (NHQ) has on file.
The application module will be open from 1 December - 15 January

Plan to attend the MANDATORY wing review board.

2. Electronically submit your application to NHQ. (When you have completed, reviewed and printed your CAP form 31, it will automatically be transmitted to NHQ electronically)

3. Sign the “Release Agreement” and have your parent or guardian (if applicable) sign the “Release by Parent or Guardian” block (page 4 of the application).

4. E-Mail or Mail your CAP Form 31 to Maryland Wing HQ's (With Squadron and Group Approval) postmarked by 15 January.

5. After the review board your application will be signed and if you are selected to attend an NCSA you will then Mail the signed “Release Agreement/Release by Parent or Guardian” to the activity director. If you are slotted to attend more than one activity, you will need to send a copy of the release to each event.

For information on how National Headquarters slots cadets, see: or


NHQ does not manage these activities:

  • Hawk Mountain Search and Rescue School
  • Aviation Challenge
  • Space Camp
  • EAA Air Academy

NESA uses a separate registration process.
Please use their website at to contact members of the NESA staff.

In some cases activity dates must be set 10 to 12 months in advance. It is not unusual for an activity date to change by one or two days.. Updates will be published continuously on this page.
Activity Directors will also notify selectees of date changes as they occur.

You need Explorer 6.0 and Adobe 6.0 to complete the application. Both are available as downloads from the e-Services web page.

Personal contact information: The computer process takes member data and puts it in the forms where appropriate so it's important that your data is accurate.

Emergency contact information. The process will not work without this.

IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW Clearly indicate your preferences, in order, in the Preferences tab of the application. When applying for IACE: list IACE last on your preference list.

Late applications (after 15 January) Late applications will be accepted if they have been approved by the Squadron and Wing. However, on-time application will be given preference

Encampment Requirement: You must have encampment credit when you apply for an NCSA.

Age Requirement: If an activity has an age requirement it must be met before the activity starts!

Computer Access: If you do not have access to a computer, notify someone in your squadron to assist you as soon as possible

Important Dates

NCSA Slotting Announced March 15

NCSA Payment deadline April 15