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Drug Demand Reduction

Maryland Wing Headquarters Drug Demand Reduction Staff

  • Wing Cadet Program DDR Officer: Maj Rose Reeder
  • Wing Cadet Program Asst. DDR Officer: Maj Grace Stapf
  • Wing Cadet Program Cadet DDR Officer: C/1st Lt Megan Bassett

National  CAP Headquarters DDR page link

National DDR Facebook Page

Civil Air Patrol Drug Demand Reduction Mission Statement
The Civil Air Patrol Drug Demand Reduction program assists squadrons, groups, wings, and regions to instill an agressive, positive, drug-free attitude in Civil Air Patrol members, Air Force families, DoD civilians, and school-age children through a comprehensive program that:

  •  Promotes CAP as a positive community service lifestyle.
  • Encourages youth to remain in school.
  •   Focuses on drug abuse education, prevention and awareness.
  •   Provides positive activities as an alternative to drugs and gang violence

 MER Conference 

Cadet Officer Doing a DDR challenge at MER ConferenceA cadet office doing a DDR Challenge at the MER Conference

DDR at Tri-wing Encampment 2013




2013 Arbutus Firemans Parade



Wing Cadet Programs DDR Officer and Squadron Cadet Programs DDR Officers

Click on the links below to obtain the documents you need.

Maryland National Guard DDR Program presentations available to squadrons in Maryland Wing

Here is the Maryland National Guard DDR information and instructions sheet. Use this for requesting the Maryland National Guard to make presentations to your CAP squadron or school. With one addition, all DDRO request will need to be forwarded through the MD Wing DDRA so that there will be one initial point of contact with the Guard DDRA.

Red Ribbon Week

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DDR Powerpoint

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 link to a buzzed driving website 

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DDR Resources

Activity Book

Drugs & Terrorism

Best DUI Ever -   Drunk Driving DUI  Video

Air Force DUI - Drunk Driving Video

Jackie DUI- Drunk Driving Video

Flying and Over-the-counter Drugs

lesson of success


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