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A7 - Missions: Aerospace Education (A7A), Cadet Programs/DDR (A7C), Professional Development (A7P)

Aerospace Education Resources

Facts, files, and links from off the beaten track.

Aerospace Education Staff

A list of contacts and areas of interest.

Missions (A7A, A7C, A7P)

The Key Missions Of Civil Air Patrol

Cadet Activities and Programs

The Cadet Program affords our youth with many opportunities to develop leadership skills through a structured program. One way we are successful with this mission is through the activities and programs we sponsor.

Aerospace Education Events and Opportunities

A general schedule of regional Aerospace Education activities.

Cadet Programs Staff Contacts

Meet the Cadet Programs Staff

Tri-Wing Encampment Overview

Details for participants of the Tri-Wing Encampment

Cadet Programs News

Recent updates and announcements from MDWG HQ's/CP and National HQ's/CP


Civil Air Patrol offers many opportunities for a variety of scholarships.

2015 TriWing Encampment fact sheet

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