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The Maryland Wing Civil Air Patrol weekly radio program is broadcast on several AM stations across the state every Sunday morning.

Maryland PAO Award Winners

The Maryland Wing Public Affairs annually honors the MDWG Public Affairs Officer of the Year. The Maryland Wing PAO Ace Award honors those unit PAOs who have exceeded expectations in managing the unit public affairs program. The Middle East Region recognizes the PAO of the Year from among the seven Wings in the Region. The Balsam Awards recognize outstanding PAOs nationally in eight categories.


CAP National Headquarters does not have a historian on staff that maintains unit histories or provides research of unit or wing histories. This web page offers information gathered by MDWG that may be of interest to MDWG members.


Branding is the image of the organization that comes to mind when people think of Civil Air Patrol. Our brand is shaped by letting people know who we are and what we do. Those messages must be consistent in order to be effective.

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